Our manager will contact you in the shortest possible time to provide high-quality advice.


Our manager will contact you in the shortest possible time to provide high-quality advice.

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Terms & Conditions

This document sets out the detailed rules of a mandatory provision of agency services related to providing the purchase and delivery of the goods presented on a virtual demonstration site (online marketplace) The proper fulfillment of these Terms and Conditions is equally binding for all parties to the transaction. Formation of the Order by the Buyer, as well as payment by the Buyer on the account (s) confirms the complete and unconditional acceptance of all the rules set out below and the terms of relationships of the Parties.
Regulation of relations of the Parties:
1. Description of the Service
1.1. The Buyer shall instruct and the Agent shall perform the following legal and other actions:
• find a Supplier (if there are two or more options available on the market), which offers optimal conditions for the acquisition of the goods selected by the Buyer of (Batch of Goods);
• Agree the terms of the purchase of goods with the Supplier.
• Conclude with the Supplier contract for the sale of the goods as a Buyer's Agent .
• Pay the cost of the batch under the contract concluded with the Supplier.
1.2. The Buyer also has the right to instruct the Agent o a commission of actions aimed at ensuring the delivery of the Batch of goods to the Buyer. Such actions include in particular: to find the most optimal Carrier (transport, logistics and other companies), the harmonization of the provision of transport services, the conclusion of the contract, payment of carrier services.
1.3. Other liabilities that are above the scope of the Contract and can be executed on the basis of additional agreements to the Contract or a separate transaction.
1.4. The Agent is entitled to act on its own behalf, but at the expense of the Buyer, or on behalf and at the expense of the Buyer. In the latter case - the rights and obligations on deals are related directly from the Buyer.
1.5. Hereby the Buyer gives the Agent an unconditional right on its own, relying on his business experience and his professional reputation by using its commercial relations, to enter into contracts with any contractors in the execution of obligations under the Contract. The Agent has the right to choose own legal structure of relationships with any of the selected contractors. The Buyer is not obliged to grant the Agent with any additional power of attorney to execute any of these requests. The Agent’s obligations to represent the Buyer are clearly indicates in the text of the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions.
1.6. The content of the desired product batch is indicated in the invoice, which is issued to the Buyer by the Agent (or transferred to the Buyer) within three (3) business days from the date after the successful approval of all conditions of purchase of the Batch of goods with the particular supplier. The Buyer’s Payment on the Account is specified means the acceptance of purchasing conditions.
2. The procedure for the provision of services
2.1. The Buyer shall deliver to the Agent all the necessary information regarding the required Batch of Goods on the Website the name, content, quantity of the required goods (generate the Order). The transmission of information is made by registering on the Website, the formation of the Order by sending specific items in a virtual section of My collection ("My Collection") and dispatch of the Order. In some cases the Buyer further informs to the Agent on the required information in respect of the premises (dimensions, characteristics, engineering systems, etc.), where subsequently the goods will be placed or assembled and other information required for the formation of a Batch of goods, as well as identify the individual characteristics of the required Goods.
2.2. Based on the information received (Order), the Agent will negotiate with the specific Supplier on the terms of purchase of necessary quantities of goods, namely the price, delivery time, terms of delivery, assembly and installation (if necessary).
2.3. After approval of all of the conditions necessary to purchase the required goods in accordance with the received Order, the Agent will send an Invoice to the Buyer, which specifies the agreed terms for the purchase and delivery of the Goods. If the Agent acts on behalf of, but at the expense of the Buyer, the Agent sends the Buyer the invoice set by the Supplier.
2.4. In case of agreement with the stated terms, the Buyer makes payments on the Invoice. In case of disagreement with the terms and conditions stated in the Invoice the Buyer informs the Agent of its objections and demands, then the Agent provided re-negotiating on the terms of purchasing of the Batch of Goods with the Supplier.
2.5. After the Buyer paid the Invoice, the Agent undertakes to conclude a contract with a Supplier of sale of the Batch as Agent of the Buyer. If the Agent acts on behalf of the Buyer, and the Buyer paid the Invoice issued by the Supplier, the contract of purchase and sale between the Supplier and the Buyer should be considered concluded from the moment of Invoice payment (acceptance of the terms proposed by the Supplier).
2.6. If the Buyer instructed the Agent to ensure the delivery of the Batch (in the manner and on the terms provided in paragraph 1.2 hereof), the Agent also takes these obligations after the Buyer's payment of the Invoice. In this case, the Invoice specifies the amount required to attract the Carrier (transport company).
2.7. The Buyer has the right to form any number of Orders in the personal Cabinet of the Website Each Customer's Order is executed by the Agent in the manner and on the terms fixed by the Contract.
3. The order of transfer and acceptance of services rendered
3.1. The services of the Agent in the course of the execution of the Contract, should be considered as rendered in full and properly since the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale of a Batch of goods specified in Buyer's Order between the Agent and the Supplier.
3.2. The contract of sale with the Supplier, and the payment of the Batch according to the Invoice of the Supplier is considered to be the confirmation of proper provision of services specified in the Contract.
4. Providing transportation of Goods
4.1. The Buyer is entitled to request the Agent to provide services to ensure the delivery of the Batch .
4.2. Ensuring the delivery of a Batch of goods includes services for finding the appropriate Carrier, negotiating all terms of delivery of the Goods at the Buyer's address and the conclusion of the contract for providing transport (forwarding, logistics) services as a Buyer's Agent.
4.3. According to the results of all conditions agreed with the Carrier the Agent will invoice the Buyer for payment of Carrier’s services or transfers to the Buyer the Invoice set by the Carrier. The fact of payment by the Buyer on this Invoice is a confirmation of acceptance by the Buyer of the conditions of carriage of the Goods.
4.4. The responsibility for proper transportation and safety of Goods during transportation is borne by the Carrier.

5. The rights and obligations of the Parties
5.1. The Agent shall:
5.1.1. carry out properly each of the assumed orders under the Contract.
5.1.2. conclude with the counterparties, the contracts for the purchase of Goods according to the customer's Order, as well as their delivery, assembly and installation (if there are relevant orders of the Buyer).
5.1.3. inform the Buyer at its request of all the circumstances of the performance of its obligations.
5.1.4. transfer to the Buyer all rights and obligations under the transactions concluded with the third parties as the Agent of the Buyer under the Contract.
5.1.5. conduct reclamation work with Suppliers, Carriers and other involved third parties in case of any conflict situations in the procurement and delivery of Batch according to the customer's Order.
5.2. The Agent has the right to:
5.2.1. suspend the services in case of any violation by the Consumer of the obligations under the Contract.
5.2.2. claim from the Buyer of the payment for services rendered on the terms and in the manner prescribed by the Contract.
5.3. The Buyer shall:
5.3.1. When placing an Order - produce a clear and unambiguous indication of name, content and quantity of required items, the need (or lack thereof) to ensure the provision of services for the delivery, assembly and installation of the Goods and provide other important information that may affect the volume and cost of services.
5.3.2. accept the services provided by the Agent in full.
5.3.3. pay the Invoices provided by the Agent, or give a reasoned refusal of payment indicating the deficiencies.
5.3.4. promptly notify the Agent about any changes to the information used during the formation conditions of transactions with third parties.
5.4. The Buyer has the right to:
5.4.1. obtain information from the Agent about the performance of its obligations.
5.4.2. require the Agent to the proper performance of its obligations.
6. Liability of the Parties
6.1. The Liability of Parties for violation of these terms and conditions shall be determined in accordance with the applicable laws of the state.
6.2. A Party is relieved from liability for full or partial breach of obligations if it proves that such a breach has occurred as a result of force majeure.
6.3. The Agent disclaims any and all liability related to improper performance by the Supplier of its obligations, namely (but not exclusively) to the supply of Goods of improper quality, quantity, range, deadlines and other conditions of delivery. The responsibility for these and other violations related to the sale of Goods is born by the Supplier within the framework of the agreement.
6.4. The Agent does not assume any responsibility related to the delivery, installation, assembly of the Goods. The Agent is not responsible for the timing and method of delivery of the Goods to the Buyer. The liability for improper execution of these and other obligations related to the delivery of the Goods is the responsibility of the Carrier in the framework of the agreement
6.5. The liability of the Agent arises only for the actual damage of the Buyer that arose in connection with improper provision of services specified in the clause 1.1 of these Terms and conditions. The Buyer is obliged to prove the dependence between the occurrence of actual damage and failure by Agent of the terms of the Contract, and the amount of actual damages.
6.6. The amount of compensation for the actual damage of the Buyer associated with the improper execution of the obligations in any case is limited to the amount of remuneration that was actually paid and cannot exceed 10% of the Batch cost .
6.7. The responsibility for the accuracy of information provided about the Goods is borne by the Supplier.
6.8. The responsibility for the accuracy of the information on transport and other related services is the responsibility of the Carrier.

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Placing Your Order at
If you want to place an order online, you need to follow these simple steps:
1. Register on our website. For this, go to ‘My Profile’ in the right upper section of the screen. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button and enter all the necessary personal data.
2. Get direct access to our catalogs of furniture collections and interior design items provid-ed by leading manufacturers and famous designers. 
3. Select the items you like and add to the shopping cart. Exclusive products presented on the website are available in different colors, sizes and variations. Click ‘Order Consulta-tion Manager’ button and fill out all the requested fields. Your personal manager will contact you in a matter of minutes. At your request, our consultants can help you choose the design to meet your objectives and place your order.  
4. Choose your preferred payment method and proceed with the payment to complete the order. 
5. You will receive an order confirmation via email containing the details of your order once your payment has been made.  
6. You order will be delivered to you in the shortest period of time. (The terms of delivery depend on your location, country and city. Please consult your personal manager to find out the exact delivery terms.) 

The services of the professional selection and the creation of photorealistic rendering, as well as 3D models of furniture can be paid for by credit card. Furniture items should be paid for by bank transfer directly to the manufacturer according to the officially issued price list.
If you have any questions concerning your order, please contact your personal manager at email 


Once you’ve placed an order, it will be delivered to you in the shortest period of time. Please take into consideration that the terms of delivery depend on your     location. Your personal manager will provide information on estimated shipping times. 
Moreover, it should be noted that we do not deliver your order on our own. We only supervise the delivery process. We cooperate with delivery service providers in various countries and they handle the delivery of your order for you. 


1. What is the uniqueness of Interior Outlet?
The uniqueness of Interior Outlet is based on the fact that the bestsellers of the best world furniture and interior objects producers are for the first time presented on a single platform with absolutely transparent official prices. Besides, Interior Outlet platform allows to order full range of related services, providing information about the best designers, reliable construction, logistics and insurance companies. Managers of the company execute professional concierge service, providing full support of orders.
2. Furniture items displayed on the website are in stock?
All items presented on the Interior Outlet website are in stock.
Besides, team will be glad to inform you about the furniture items available on your request. 
For contact please use:
- online chat on the website;
email at 

3. Are all of product colors listed on the website correspond to the real ones?
True color of the products may vary from the color that you see on the website. This is caused by several factors:
- screens of different electronic devices display differently the color of the product;
- small difference in the shade of color is due to the technological process. During lamination and adding the color pigment a slight deviation from the original color can occur;
- natural materials such as wood and natural stone, have their own pattern, dictated by nature. It makes furniture items unique. 
On your request Interior Outlet managers are ready to provide the samples of finishes. Besides, you have an opportunity to visit the factory and get acquainted with the process of manufacturing
4. What is the time of delivery?
Depending on your region, the delivery time is as follows:
Delivery of goods from Europe:
- Europe from 2 days
- CIS from 14 days
- Middle East from 20 days
- Asia from 25 days
- North America from 28 days
- South America from 30 days
- Africa from 32 days
- Australia and Oceania from 40 days

Delivery of goods from the USA:
- North America from 2 days
- South America from 10 days
- Europe from 20 days
- CIS from 28 days
- Middle East from 30 days
- Asia from 35 days
- Africa from 35 days
- Australia and Oceania from 40 days

5. What is the return policy?
Return policy is realized in accordance with the return terms of a particular manufacturer. Interior Outlet provides surveillance of your order and full support in the settlement of force majeure situations